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About Us

Leveraging autonomous cooking technology, we provide affordable, everyday nutrition, thereby making healthy and satisfying food accessible to the masses. Our mission at ease is to make people's lives easier, healthier and happier - with no drawbacks.


Suitable for everyday use

The food may be fast, but it's no junk – our meals are fit for everyday use, which means they're good for your body and good for your soul.



Combining highly predictable cooking lead times, on-demand preperation 24/7 around the clock and easy access to achieve the best customer experience.



Through automation a significant reduction in the cost of labor can be achieved, which allows our meals to be more affordable for everybody.



Customers can modify their meal's portion sizes, ingredients, flavors, cooking points, etc. and are thus catered with their own uniquely calibrated experience.



Considering stated preferences, goals, health concerns, past behavior etc. to propose options that best fit everyone's individual needs and wants.


Health Insights

Correlating food choices with health and wellbeing metrics to achieve health optimizations and uncover a previously hidden domain of knowledge and insights.

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Our Vision For Tomorrow

ease democratizes access to healthy food for people from all walks of life. We do this by building the decentralized and automated food preparation infrastructure of tomorrow. Our automated units serve as restaurants in a box and with their small footprint they can be placed wherever people are, for example at offices, universities, train-stations or gyms.

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